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Studio Midas Shuruti Mahashware

Review by Architect Shruti Maheshwari

Renowned Architecture M/s. Shruti Maheshwari

This is Architect Shruti Maheshwari from Studio Midas based out of Noida. So, I remember, we were doing this project in Gurugram, which was the complete renovation of the house. So, the electrical system had to be changed. Our Electrical Team was at site testing Chemical Earthing Pits that were present there and we discovered that those pits are not functional. We were introduced to Marconite Earthing System by the client, who was willing to use the advanced technology. The best part about this system was, it was a one-time investment, and it could last for 50 years. I even came to know that earthing pits where Marconite is installed, does not require any water recharge. And they do not use any chemicals which means we will not be polluting our Mother Earth. It has been 2 years now, and earthing annual reports have been consistent. Our client has been very happy with Marconite Earthing System. As a responsible Architect and a human being, I would highly recommend to my Architect Fraternity and all Interior Designers to please use Marconite Earthing System in all their projects. This should be our additional step in preserving our environment and contributing more towards a sustainable future.

Thank You

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