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Fire due to short circuit

Most Fire Incidents Happen Due to Electrical Short Circuit

Do you know most fire incidents in any industry happen due to an electrical short circuit?

The Times of India: Jan 23, 2022
The New Indian Express: 20th October 2021
Fire Due to Electrical Short Circuit

It is a well-known fact that most fire incidents in any industry occur due to an electrical short circuit. Such incidents can happen for various reasons, and one of the common causes is an earthing failure. Unfortunately, many people tend to invest less in earthing solutions, considering them an extra expense. However, poor earthing can result in high costs in terms of human lives, damaged machinery, and expensive equipment.

It’s crucial to remember that accidents, particularly fire accidents, can cause significant damage to a business’s growth, materials, and years of hard work. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize using the best earthing system available to safeguard expensive equipment.

Before selecting an earthing system for your factory, home, or any industrial installation that uses electricity, it’s important to ask some important questions.

  1. Is your earthing system designed by earthing experts?
  2. Can it provide permanent and consistent low resistance of 0.001 ωm?
  3. Is your earthing system water-free?
  4. Can you get a 50-year guarantee for your earthing system?
  5. If you already have an earthing system, is it still in good condition?

    If the answers to these questions are “NO,” it indicates that you have a poor earthing system.

Inter-Tech offers the World’s Best Earthing System, Marconite –  that performs for 50+ Years

Marconite is the world’s best green earthing solution that does not need any water throughout its lifetime if compared to any other conventional earthing system such as chemical earthing.

Marconite is a maintenance-free earthing system that does not corrode throughout its life.

Marconite is an environment-friendly earthing solution that does not leach at all and hence it keeps you safe and secure all the time.

For more information contact our technical experts 

To Get World's Best Earthing Solution - Marconite Earthing


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