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Marconite - World's Best Earthing System

Marconite® by Intertech is a conductive aggregate that provides enduring, stable as well as low resistance Earthing solutions that are effective in several complex ground conditions. It enables the electrical engineers to get a stable, permanent & low resistance earthing solution that helps the engineers handle the most complex soil conditions & get right earthing solutions across the world.

Marconite is manufactured in an extremely careful manner by the specialists and is packed in UV resistant valve topped poly sacks & palletized. Marconite earth electrodes have a better track record & are utilized for important Earthing solutions to a variety of soils.

This type of Earthing is dark grey & has a granular consistency. Marconite is the perfect alternative to chemical Earthing.

Marconite is a synthetic material manufactured specifically for use in earthing applications. Its distinctive properties result from a unique manufacturing process, utilising specific raw material feedstocks, carefully selected and mixed in tightly controlled ratio before undergoing a range manufacturing process and thermal treatments.

marconite bag


Marconite® is a dark grey, granular material that replaces traditional sand and aggregate materials used within concrete mixes. Marconite® is designed, developed and manufactured specifically for use in electrical earthing.

This results in a highly reliable earthing solution with the following unique benefits :


Marconite® is a dark grey, granular material that replaces traditional sand and aggregate materials used within concrete mixes. It should be mixed in the ratio of 3 parts of Marconite® to 1-part cement by weight with the addition of 1 litre of water per 4 Kg of total mix, i.e.:

  • 3 x 25 Kg bags of Marconite®
  •  1 x 25 Kg bag of Cement
  •  25 litres (25 Kg) of water

When mixed as described above, it forms a relatively dry material with an ‘as poured’ density of around 1300 Kg/m³. The water content may be adjusted as the application requires, but this will affect the concrete’s final compressive strength and the drying times accordingly. Typically, Marconite® concretes are touch dry within hours but can be several days before being fully cured.

Marconite® is chemically inert with very low soluble sulphate content. It can be used with all conventional types of cement, as well as most proprietary resin-based cements, adhesives and gypsum plasters.


Marconite® is normally mixed with cement and water. However, it is also available in the form of a ‘premix’. This is a standard 25 kg poly sack which contains pre-weighed amounts of Marconite® and cement powder in the correct ratio to form the preferred concrete.

With the addition of 5 liters of water, each bag can then be mixed independently and used without the need to carry additional cement powder. Utilizing Marconite Premix reduces the possibility of incorrect mixing as work crews only carry one type of bag thus preventing on site confusion.

Mr. Guglielmo


In the year 1972 PMC Carbon & Mr. Guglielmo Marconi developed Marconite & it was showcased to the whole world on “Tomorrow’s World”, a technology program of UK in the year 1977.

In 2002, Marconite’s patent right was bought by James Durrans & Sons Ltd, UK. Since then, they are manufacturing Marconite through their company named Carbon International Ltd. UK.

In 2011, Carbon International Ltd. UK appointed Intertech, based in New Delhi to be their prime Marconite distributor for India.

Marconite is a registered trade mark of james Durrans and Sons Limited,
Registered Number 00172023,  Phoenix Works, Sheffield, United Kingdom,
Tel +44 (0) 1226 370000


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