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earthing for solar power plant

The Importance of Earthing in Solar Power Plant Installations

Understanding Earthing in Solar Plant Installation

Earthing in Solar Power Plant is a very critical area that must be addressed with utmost Care.

Earthing involves safely redirecting electrical energy into the earth through a dedicated wire. It serves both safety and functional purposes in solar installations. Also known as a grounding system, it connects electrical circuits to the ground, offering protection against lightning, ensuring personal safety, safeguarding property, and facilitating potential grading. This system effectively prevents contact with dangerous voltages or objects.

Solar power plants, utilizing photovoltaic power systems for decades, generate significant currents. Many of these plants incorporate electronic devices that require expert design and installation. The performance of these electronic components depends greatly on the effectiveness of their earthing techniques.

How Do Solar Power Plants Work?

Solar panels use solar energy to produce heat that can generate electricity. Solar power plants convert sunlight into electricity using photovoltaics. Most solar panels use silicon-based semiconductor materials that generate electrons when hit by direct sunlight. These electrons thereby produce an electrical current.

Why Earthing for Solar Plant?

Solar installations require earthing according to international safety standards.

  • A lightning conductor system surrounds them.
  • Solar panels have inbuilt transformers that set up the voltage generated through solar power plants. Due to their designs, they are more prone to shocks. In case you require earthing for a PV solar power system, you need the following elements like an earth cable, an earthing joint, and an earth plate.
  • To protect the workers around the solar power plants.
  • To keep solar power plants in check at regular intervals.
  • A grounding path will easily avoid any electrical fault and would not pose a threat to system stability.
  • Better functionality of devices.

Marconite – A Permanent, Low-Resistance, & Stable Earthing Solution For 50 Years

Marconite enhances the effects of earth electrodes and is a specialized substance designed for anti-static and electric earthing. Marconite uses raw materials that go through a specialized manufacturing process and are further used for thermal treatments. It is a perfect earthing solution that is handled by professionals catering to the requirements of chemical earthing. Marconite is easy to form, cost-effective, and can be used in any part of the building structure. It’s a premium quality electrically conductive material used in earthing applications.

Marconite is safe. There are no dangerous impacts of chemical earthing. It is low resistant and uses several chemicals like charcoal, and bentonite that impacts the subsoil and is easy to use. You can use it for every soil condition due to its versatile performance. Marconite is a sustainable earthing system that is safe for everyone to use in earthing. It does not require water for maintenance.

Some of applications of Marconite include:

  1. Anti-static applications
  2. Power generation, transmission
  3. Defence equipment & Defence facilities
  4. Telecommunications and media
  5. Rail, transport networks, and underground transport
  6. Oil and gas production
  7. Lightning arrestor for earthing
  8. Distribution facilities and more

Earthing may cause damage to thousands of people, so you must be careful with the mishappening caused due to poor-quality earthing systems.

Recent Project

Intertech recently completed the installation of 4000 Marconite Earth
Electrode for a 1.3 GW Solar Plant for Avaada Energy Pvt Ltd,


To Get World's Best Earthing Solution - Marconite Earthing


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