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What is difference between Chemical Earthing & Marconite Earthing?

Safety and reliability are the two main concerns in the operation and design of an electrical power system in industries, buildings, and homes.

To ensure that industries, buildings, and homes are safe, they must have a properly designed electrical earthing system. The two main design goals to be achieved by any earthing system under both normal and fault conditions are:

  1. To provide means to dissipate electric currents into the earth without exceeding any operating & equipment limits.
  2. To assure that a person in the vicinity of grounded facilities is not exposed to the danger of critical electric shock.

What is Earthing?

The process of transferring instant emission of electrical energy directly to the Earth with the help of low resistance wire is known as an earthing or technically it is called an electrical earthing. The electrical earthing is done by connecting the current-less carrying part of the electrical or electronic equipment or neutral of the supply system to the ground.

Chemical Earthing:

Chemical Earthing is a traditional earthing system whereby chemicals are added to earthing pits such as bentonite or graphite-based compounds used that helps in improving the condition of the soil and reducing the soil resistivity. Chemicals are used in this earthing type to lower earthing resistance. 

Marconite Earthing:

It is considered the world’s best earthing system. Marconite is a conductive material that provides low resistance, stable and permanent solutions to engineers in a variety of difficult ground conditions. Marconite earthing is the best earthing system as compared to chemical or any other types of earthing system.

Marconite is a premium conductive material that is utilized as a backfill for increasing the effects of earth electrodes. Marconite is specifically manufactured for the requirements of electrical earthing. Electrical engineers prefer Marconite as it can easily tackle any soil and offer a satisfactory earthing installation across any soil condition such as rocky terrain, deserts, saline soil, acidic soil, or any other soil type across the world.

Below table illustrates the difference between Chemical Earthing and Marconite Earthing:

Chemical Earthing

Marconite Earthing

Chemical earthing requires regular water top-up to get the desired resistance value. An earthing pit with chemical earthing requires as much as 50 liter water every year.Marconite earthing is a sustainable cost-effective earthing system. It does not require any water top-up throughout its life cycle.
A chemical earthing pit has a life of about 6-8 years.The Marconite based earthing system has a life of 50 years.
Chemical earthing fails in rocky and saline soil conditions.It is the perfect earthing for any type of soil such as granite, glacial rock, sand, etc. Marconite earthing system is also the preferred earthing system by the engineers due to its adaptability to every soil condition.
Chemicals used in the chemical earthing leaches out in the soil leading to soil pollution.The marconite becomes concrete as soon as it is installed – so there is zero leaching – hence zero soil pollution.
As the life cycle is low, there is a recurring cost of copper, drilling, and re-installation in the case of chemical earthing.

The high life cycle cost of the Marconite earthing system helps to save on the recurring cost.


Chemical earthing is not inertMarconite earthing system is chemically inert & is non-corrosive to copper or steel. It is good for cement structures and possesses a pH of a neutral range.
Chemical earthing doesn’t add strength factor to the building and crumble away easilyMarconite earthing system is ideal for engineers as it offers extra strength to the building. It can be easily used as a part of the structure of the building and can gain strength as much as higher as grade 25 concrete.
Bentonite which is used in chemical earthing has a resistivity of 3 ohms.Marconite has a low resistivity of .001ohm meters. When it is mixed with the cement, still the conductive concrete is 0.19-ohms.

So, from the above comparison, it is quite clear that Marconite earthing is the most reliable earthing system in the world. 

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