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A Step Closer to Sustainable Earthing

The performance of Marconite is reliable, predictable, and permanent. Ground enhancement is a proven technique, it’s just considered by many as an unnecessary on-cost for projects until it’s too late and they look for cure-all miracles, says Mr. Charanjeet Singh, Owner InterTech.

Sustainable Earthing – The best alternative

In the world of green and sustainability, the color of earth wire, usually green has remained the same but there is a question! Has the earthing electrode been upgraded to a green product? Green or sustainable design focuses on many aspects of the greener approach, but the need for green earthing material is always neglected. The main reason for doing earthing in the electrical network is for safety. But, are we ensuring safety at the cost to our environment?

Bentonite vs Marconite Earthing System

The selection of the earth-enhancing material matters a lot when its effect on the environment is of due importance. The use of chemical materials such as Bentonite affects the subsoils of the earthing location by way of leaching and polluting the water tables. Usage of charcoal burdens the trees with burning for producing charcoal.

A scarce resource like water is also used intensively in the charcoal earth pits. Significant effect on water, trees, and subsoil is there due to billions of earth pits which need the due attention of the green and sustainability designers. The traditional Earthing pit requires approximately 50 liters of water per year. When multiplied by the number of earthing pits in an area the amount of water required is quite significant. whereas Marconite uses only 25L of water per earthing pit only once during the time of installation.

Sustainable Earthing - No Water Required for earthing
Sustainable Earthing

Usage of Chemically inert, non-leaching, and no water maintenance material like marconite conductive concrete aggregate does address the need for a sustainable and safe earthing system. system. Such a wonderful product, like Marconite, can save not only our environment but also a scarce resource like water. Precious lives of approximately thousands of people are lost every year on account of electrical mishappening due to poor earthing systems. Concerns have always been there for the number of lives lost, but concerns for the environmental aspect of chemical earthing materials have always been ignored.

Aiming for Surakshit Bharat, there is not only a need to implement an effective earthing system but also a green and sustainable earthing system.




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