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Is Your Earthing a Green Earthing?

From newspapers to e-news, hoardings to social media promotions, with revolution, modern problems have been solved with modern, sustainable, and user-friendly solutions.

For decades, leaders across the world are employing electrical earthing to protect people from electrical disasters. This mechanism disposes of undesired and unwanted electrical charges to the earth or sends it back to the generator via earth mass and ensures electrical safety at places ranging from homes to large manufacturing units.

As we approach an era of global environmental crisis, this question seems to gain relevance, “Is your earthing a Green Earthing?”


Earthing solutions have also witnessed a cycle of change from traditional earthing to chemical earthing and now, to green earthing. Here’s an insight into the transition of earthing over the years:

Traditional and Conventional Earthing

Traditional earthing has been the most popular solution for the longest time and one of the most dangerous for our earth. It demands the usage of salt & charcoal. In the world of “electrical earthing”, chemical earthing took over with changing times.

Chemical earthing used bentonite. Bentonite is an absorbent swelling clay consisting mostly of montmorillonite. It usually is formed from weathering of volcanic ash in seawater. Bentonite, as a swelling clay, has the ability to absorb large quantities of water, which increases its volume by up to a factor of thirteen times however it has a tendency of shrinkage or cracks.

 Ignored Environment

However, both these electrical earthing solutions lacked the focus on one of the key factors, the environment. While traditional earthing required cutting of trees and burning them to produce charcoal, bentonite-based chemical earthing leach away, and surrounding soil is polluted with chemicals like sodium or calcium sulfates and it requires water for regular maintenance.

The Invention of Marconite & Its Usage

The search for a solution that was both user-friendly and environment-friendly ended six decades ago. In 1972, engineers at the company founded by a Noble prize winner and Italian inventor, Guglielmo Marconi’s company invented a premium conductive material, Marconite, which was designed for green earthing solutions.

This was the revolution that incepted the new era of earthing solutions with a material that does not need water to conduct electricity. Marconite is mixed with cement to form conductive concrete encompassing the earthing systems, which is a great replacement for other solutions.


As the name suggests, green earthing is synonymous with sustainable and environmentally friendly earthing solutions. The green earthing solutions are suitable replacements that allow protection against disasters without impacting the earth and its resources negatively.


  • End to Scarcity: From This specifically manufactured material, unlike natural minerals, didn’t cause scarcity to fulfill the requirements of electrical earthing. Marconite green earthing solutions do not demand the use of natural resources like water or wood.
  • Pollution Free Solution: Marconite is the end to two key pollutions, water pollution, and soil pollution. In greener Marconite electrical earthing, neither soil nor groundwater is polluted with chemicals.
  • Maintenance Free: Green Earthing solution allows the users to remain stress-free about the maintenance as it is a solution that does not demand regular water checks.
  • Corrosion Free: Since Marconite is a moisture-free solution, it does not have the risk of corrosion.
  • Highest Life: Green earthing solution, Marconite earthing is a solution with the highest lifetime of over five decades, which is longer as compared to any other earthing solution.
  • Water Less Solution: While traditional earthing requires water and salt Chemical earthing requires regular water checks. Marconite earthing is a moisture-free earthing solution.
  • Safer: Faulty earthing has been a major cause of various causes of electrocution for years. Marconite creates conductive concrete which significantly magnifies the effect of the earthing systems it encompasses on installation.

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