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Requirement of Wood as Charcoal in Conventional Earthing

Did you know? 1 Kilogram of Charcoal is equal to 5 Kilograms of Wood!

For centuries, wood charcoal and salt have been used as the optimum fit for conventional earthing. However today, the use of this carbon-rich fuel has become a burning issue as society has become more vocal about sustainable living.

Charcoal, which is created by burning five times the amount of wood, is now on the verge of a significant change, perhaps a revolution. The requirement of wood as charcoal in conventional earthing has been replaced with chemical compounds, but today green solutions have been stressed as the need of the hour.

Besides, its environmental consequences, the charcoal earthing has been criticized for:

  • Corroding the metal,
  • Requiring regular maintenance by watering,
  • Fluctuating the earth resistance, one of the most crucial factors for sound earthing,
  • Offering a low product life due to corrosion which enhances the risk of fire accidents,
  • And not being a cost-effective solution in long run.

Well, the conventional earthing has already been challenged with a less corrosive, less time-consuming, less maintenance requiring, more cost-effective, and more long-lasting solution, chemical earthing.

Chemical earthing uses a highly conductive Backfill compound which is essentially used to enhance the soil conductivity. Also known as permanent earthing compounds, since they have are resistivity of less than 0.12 ohm, they have a life span of more than five years.

Sounds good right, it fits the box correctly, well, no, what if we tell you that there is a better solution available than chemical earthing. Yes, and it is called Macronite Earthing.

The Vital Need For Shift To Macronite Earthing

As we mentioned above, chemical earthing works with several chemicals including Bentonite. As we know chemicals do last longer but have a negative effect. In this case, chemical earthing can be very dangerous for humans indirectly.

Yes, these chemicals hold the potential to deeply impact the sub-soil of the earthing location and eventually pollute the water tables. Moreover, Macronite is a synthetic material specifically manufactured for earthing applications, unlike the naturally occurring mineral Bentonite.

What is Macronite Earthing Solutions?

Macronite is premium electrically conductive aggregate material which due to being an electrical earthing material allows permanent, stable, and low resistance earthing solutions. For more than five decades, electrical engineers have been using Marconite conductive concrete for grounding to tackle the toughest soil conditions spanning the world.

Almost a decade ago, in 2011, to ensure earthing solutions for India but not at the cost of the environment, InterTech, introduced World’s Best and Sustainable Earthing Solution Marconite conductive aggregate in India.

At the helm of this change, they created joint research & development between Noble Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi’s company Marconi Company Ltd. & PMC in the early seventies. Today, as the world pushes the frontiers of knowledge in terms of sustainable living, a visionary in Earthing solutions, Mr. Charanjeet Singh is equipping India with the best alternative to chemical and charcoal earthing solutions with Macronite.

To Get World's Best Earthing Solution - Marconite Earthing


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