Marconite® is World's premium electrically conductive aggregate, used as backfill material to enhance the effects of earth electrodes. It enables electrical engineers to achieve permanent, stable and low resistance earthing solutions in most difficult ground conditions.


Marconite® concrete earth electrodes have long and proven track record. It has been used within critical earthing solutions to a variety of industries including:
  • Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Utilities and Water Treatment.
  • Defence Facilities and Equipment.
  • Anti-Static Applications.
  • Telecommunications, High-Speed Broadband and Media.
  • Lightning Arrestor Earthing.
  • Oil & Gas Production and Distribution Facilities.
  • Rail, Underground, and Transport Networks.


High Strength

It’s compressive strength is > M 25 grade concrete.

Low Resistivity

Ultra low resistivity 0.001 ohm-m when compared to Bentonite's 3 ohm-m.

Easy To Use

Simple bore hole is required for pre-cast electrode or in-situ casting of  Marconite® electrode.


Suitable for all type of soil conditions. It becomes permanent solid structure and is not prone to shrink, dry out, wash away or leach into soil.

Lowest Life cycle Cost

Considering life Marconite earthing system has lowest life cycle cost among all other earthing systems.

Maintenance Free

No watering or maintenance required for it’s life of 50 + years. Consistent Performance.

Anti Static Applications

Marconite® is used for anti static applications.

Corrosion Free

Chemically inert does not corrode metal conductors. Environment-friendly.




As per our requirement and request, your company has provided the knowledge and installation of 5 nos. of maintenance – free earthing stations based on Marconite (conductive concrete based earthing) at our Electron Beam Centre, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. Out of these 5 earthing pits, 4 nos. are connected in the parallel network to achieve an earth pit resistance of 0.65Ω which is required for our HV pulse power applications. We are glad to get these maintenance free earthing stations having less than 1 ohm.

Scientific Officer
Accelerator & Pulse Power Div., BARC, Govt of India



We adopted Marconite Conductive Concrete technology for treated earth pits 1 X 700 MW Ballary Thermal Power Project at Ballari of Karnataka Power Corporation Ltd. The land of the project is rocky terrain. The design was approved by our engineering group PEM – Noida and the client and could able to achieve the desired earth resistance as per client’s requirement.

Sr. Manager
Electrial & CI PSSR



Installation of Earthing with Marconite conductive concrete in 73 RMU tech area AF Station Palam was done on 14th Dec 2012 as a sample presentation by the firm M/s Inter Tech with following specifications:

Earth enhancing conductive concrete – Marconite
Conductor – 16 mm Dia Copper rod
Casting size – Dia 120 mm X Length 30.50 meters

The performance test of earth electrode was carried out jointly by the firm representative and department on 22/01/2013 and there was zero maintenance during the period.

Garrison Engineer
(North) AF Palam, Delhi Cantt – 10