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Electrical Safety

Earthing System for 50 Years of Protection

Earthing System for 50 Years of Protection

An improper earthing system has become dangerous for human life as well as for the good functioning of the equipment. Every year, many incidents come to light only due to improper chemical earthing system installations. Plus, the high maintenance costs and less longevity of chemical earthing is the reason why it fails to offer better safety for you and your electronic equipment.

Marconite Earthing System

Thanks to Marconite Earthing system that has changed the scenario of earthing installations across the world. Marconite earthing has become the highly preferred earthing type due to its low maintenance costs and the kind of safety provided by it.

InterTech, one of the prominent earthing solutions providers, came into being in the year 2011. The company has installed approx. 30,000 installations so far in India in several sectors such as construction, petroleum, manufacturing, power, PSUs & private sector, etc.

InterTech aims to inform the importance of good earthing systems to the industrial sector. It provides emphasis on the good earthing installation systems such as Marconite earthing as it is the best system for productivity and has less maintenance cost for approx. 50 years. So, the life of earthing is good as compared to chemical earthing. As a Ph neutral product, it offers 50 years of life and can be suited to any kind of requirement.

InterTech company has contributed a lot in bringing forth a strong eco-system with the help of its expertise and knowledge in their domain. Marconite earthing solution by InterTech is offered in several industries of India as well as other neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh, Bhutan & Nepal.

InterTech has also won many accolades for its innovativeness in developing the most effective earthing solution called Marconite.

Why Marconite Earthing?

Marconite Earthing is the most innovative product to date and has enabled electrical engineers to achieve a permanent, low-resistance, and stable earthing system that helps them handle the most difficult soil conditions and achieve the best earthing solutions all over the world.

Some of the features of Marconite earthing are as follows:

  • Low maintenance, no humidity or water required
  • Environment-friendly as it does not emit pollution
  • Marconite is corrosion-free as it is Ph Neutral.
  • It offers a long lifecycle- 50 years of lifecycle
  • Marconite offers high performance even in swamp, rocky, riverside, clay conditions.

To Get World's Best Earthing Solution - Marconite Earthing


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