Intertech earthing system video gallery offers you our corporate video, Marconite Earthing System Installation at Rafale Training Centre, Earthing System for Solar Installations and technical webinars.

The section brings to you a greater insights into how Marconite is the best alternative when it is compared with Chemical Earthing or Conventional Earthing. 

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InterTech Earthing System Video Gallery

Intertech – Corporate Presentation

30,000+ Installations Across India

Chemical Earthing Vs Marconite Earthing

Marconite Installed at Rafale Training Centre, India

Marconite Earthing for Solar Panels / Solar Plant

How to Design a Green & Permanent Earthing Solution – Webinar

Earthing for Sustainable Building – in Collaboration with IIA 

Green & Permanent Earthing for Safer India

Marconite 1 to 1 Meeting

Explainer Video for Macronite Earth Electrodes

Macronite Earthing Electrodes with a Life of 50 Years

InterTech Earthing at TERI Delhi

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