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Why Marconite Earthing is the World’s Most Reliable Earthing System?

Marconite is the world’s most reliable earthing system. It is an engineered synthetic substance & can be used for any electrical earthing application such as Industrial earthing, earthing for buildings, earthing for residences, earthing for solar, earthing for defense equipment, etc. This earthing system works well in place of previously used sand & aggregate materials.

This earthing has several characteristics that put it ahead of carbon technology. Earthing is widely used today as it uses specific raw materials, due to its unique process of manufacturing and carefully mixing process in a tightly controlled ratio.

The unique characteristics of the Marconite are the reason for its popularity and make it the perfect earthing system of all the available earthing systems.

Why Marconite earthing is the world’s most reliable earthing system?

  • Marconite is Easy to Use
    Marconite is an easy-to-use earthing material that offers low-resistance earth. There is no need to return to the test or to wait. Marconite is combined in the ratio of 2: 1 in the proportion of weight with cement and will get 15% of the weight of its water.
  • Marconite is suitable for any Soil Condition
    Marconite earthing is a stable earthing solution that works in many soil conditions such as Glacial rock, Sand, Granite, etc. This earthing is good for engineers as they can easily handle difficult soil conditions and gain the right earthing solutions throughout the world.
  • Chemically Inert
    Marconite has low soluble sulphate and it can be easily used with any type of cement and resin-based cement, gypsum plasters, and adhesives. It is non-corrosive to copper or steel & does not hit cement structures. It possesses a pH in the neutral range.
  • Versatile
    Marconite is a versatile material that easily adapts to any kind of ground condition & becomes a solid & permanent structure that is prone to be washed out, drying out & shrinking.
  • High Strength
    Marconite earthing has high strength and it can be utilized as a part of the structure of the building and get strengths more than 25-grade concrete.
  • Cost-Effective
    Marconite is a perfect earthing system and offers a permanent solution to the issues related to improper earthing systems. There is no need to maintain it through additional salts and water to get the required earth values. Using Marconite earthing is a judicious decision on your part as it is a cost-effective earthing and helps you get savings in the costs of copper, installation & drilling costs.

If you are looking for a reliable earthing system, get in touch with Intertech – who are the prime distributor for Marconite in India.

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