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also known as EARTH TESTING

soil testing

Earthing audit by Intertech ensures the good health of the complete Earthing system. It is imperative that the Earthing system is inspected periodically to ensure efficiency. Since the majority of the Earthing System is buried underground and is inaccessible, it suffers from “OUT OF SIGHT IS OUT OF MIND” syndrome.

Unseen Components like Equipment Earth Conductor, (Strip), Earthing Plate, Earth Grids / Mats which are buried or inaccessible, tend to be taken for granted or ignored, though they are crucial to any earthing system.

A Complete Earthing System with all its components like Earth Conductor, Earth Electrode and Earth Grid / Mat should offer a low resistance path for fault current to flow. It ensures breakers to trip on time to prevent accidents such as – Fire, Short Circuit and Electric Shock.


The soil testing and earthing audit report consists of :

  • Measured data at site
  • Anomalies and Defects Observed
  • Recommendations for rectification and
  • Site Photographs


electrical diagram

A robust Earthing and lightning protection system design is the first step in any electrical system to ensure safety to human beings, prevent damages to assets and properties. 

Intertech Earthing Design Services, an Earthing System professionally designed system to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment in and around the project. With over 25 years of experience, there isn’t a scenario or problem that our Earthing Consultants together with our accredited Research Engineers haven’t seen or solved. Which means you can breathe a little easier knowing your Earthing System Design is in safe hands.

Soil Resistivity and Soil Analysis is the key factor that determines the resistance or performance of an electrical Earthing system. It is the starting point of any electrical Earthing system design. With the advent of technology, computer-aided software design of Earthing and lightning protection systems have assumed greater importance and significance. In-depth analysis, better accuracy, optimization without compromises are the hallmarks of computer software-based design.

Why is earthing necessary in electrical systems?
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Lightning Protection System Design Involves :

  • Collection of Data

  • Risk Assessment

  • Determining level of protection

  • Arriving at BOQ and Specifications

Intertech offers Earthing and Lighting Protection system Designs for various Industry Segments like :


earthing installation 720x380 1

InterTech offers a complete Installation and Commissioning solution for the clients. From the first step till the last step of your journey with us, InterTech will hold your hands.

Commissioning of a new earthing system is essential as a validation step for the design and installation process and for the design inputs. In most cases commissioning should measure the outputs of the earthing system in terms of produced voltages and current distributions rather than solely resistance. The commissioning should consider closely the key performance criteria identified in the hazard identification and treatment analysis phases.

“Commissioning will determine the earthing system initial compliance and set a benchmark or baseline for ongoing supervision” says, Mr Charanjeet Singh, the director of InterTech

The earthing system commissioning procedure normally consists of five core activities. In some instances, not all activities are required

  • Visual inspection

  • Continuity testing

  • Earth resistivity testing

  • Injection testing

    – Earth potential rise (EPR) measurement
    – Current distribution measurement

  • Transfer, touch, and step voltage testing


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Commissioning is one of the vital processes that ensure proper planning, documentation, scheduling, testing, adjusting, verifying, and training, to provide a robust & trouble-free earthing system as per the project requirements.


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