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How does earthing curb the risk of lightening?

Lightning kills 76 people who were taking selfies in India.”

100 succumb to lightning in North India.”

Since the monsoon began, Indians have been waking up to news like these in 2021, however, lethal lightning strikes are common in the vast Asian nation due to the summer heat causing deluges during the June-September.

Lightning Strikes Monumental Damage and Life Loss

While thousands have been killed through lightning, 2021’s news alerts showcased lightning striking the medieval watchtower at a fortification of the famous 12th-century Amer Fort. With Rajasthan, Gujarat’s Dwarkadhish temple also survived a hit. However, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chittorgarh Fort faced destruction as 40 kg of stone broke off after a bolt hit the Kirti Stambh of the 12th-century structure.

The complaints emerged that addressed the lacking of the authorities to protect the monuments from lightning strikes by taking steps towards installing simple devices such as lightning rods and arresters.

Earthing, An Important Pillar

Damage is inevitable as lightning strikes on earth. However, earthing and lightning protection systems are the key to safety in the hands of every individual. An electrocution protection strategy is built on three pillars of Earthing namely, Lightning Arrestor, SPD, or Surge Protection Device.

Earthing transfers the immediate discharge of electrical energy directly to the earth. However, some may argue that earthing can harm nature in one way or another. While charcoal is needed in conventional earthing, regular water fill-ups are required for chemical earthing. This implies the need for a sustainable earthing solution.

Decode Sustainable Marconite Earthing

This 34% rise, between the 13.8 million lightning strikes in March 2021, and 18.5 million lightning strikes in April 2020, in India, is a result of climate change, experts stated. The trend of the number and frequency of lightning strikes have increased across the globe. This indicates the need for protection solutions but a green and sustainable ones as well.

Since Marconite is specially manufactured for electrical earthing, it is not only safer but also sustainable and a green earthing solution. It is indeed a solution that solves two crucial problems ahead of mankind.

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