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Types of Earthing

Earthing is referred to as a way to transmit electric discharge immediately to the ground by way of electrical cables or low-resistance wires. Earthing is highly pivotal in an electrical earthing system as it provides a safe way to utilize the dangerous power source.

Earthing procedures are of varied kinds such as wiring in machines, electrical equipment, housing & factories, etc. Several types of earthing are as follows:

What are the different types of earthing?

  • Conventional Earthing

Conventional earthing involves a process where a large pit is dug in which a copper plate or a GI pipe is placed in the middle layers of salt & charcoal. This type of earthing needs regular pouring of water & maintenance at regular intervals. This type of earthing is being used for a longer time.

  • Chemical Earthing

    In the chemical earthing system, Bentonite or graphite-based compound is used in chemical earthing which helps in improving the condition of the soil and reducing the soil resistivity. Chemicals are used in this earthing type to lower earthing resistance. Chemicals are used in this earthing for decreasing the earth’s resistance.

  • Marconite Earthing

    Marconite earthing system is a modern earthing system that is much beneficial than other earthing systems. Marconite conductive aggregate is a synthetic substance of grey color which is a viable option for the sand & other aggregate materials that are in use as cement mixers. Marconite earthing works effectively in numerous ground conditions & help the engineers get a low-resistance as well as a permanent earthing. Marconite earthing is also a great help to the engineers in managing a variety of soil conditions and getting effectual earthing solutions across the world. This earthing type is designed by professionals and is widely used throughout the world owing to its number of benefits. Marconite earthing is a maintenance-free earthing that was introduced by InterTech in 2011. Inter-Tech has designed Marconite earthing in a way to make it a stable & permanent solution for difficult conditions of the ground.

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