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Solar Plants

Need of earthing for Solar Plants

Why is earthing necessary for Solar Plants / Solar Panels / Roof Top Solar Systems?

Solar panel installations must comply with international safety standards that require earthing.

  • This is especially important because the solar panels are surrounded by a lightning conductor system and have built-in transformers that generate high voltages.
  • Without proper earthing, workers around the solar power plants may be at risk of electric shocks.
  • Additionally, regular checkups are necessary to ensure the safety and stability of the system.
  • To achieve proper earthing, an earth cable, earthing joint, and earth plate are required.
  • By establishing a grounding path, potential electrical faults can be avoided, resulting in better functionality of the devices attached to the solar system.

Marconite is a reliable and durable earthing solution that offers permanent, low-resistance, and stable grounding.

It is a specialized substance designed for anti-static and electrical earthing that the effectiveness for earth electrodes. Marconite is manufactured using high-quality raw materials that undergo a specialized manufacturing process and are further treated thermally. This premium quality, an electrically conductive material is perfect for chemical earthing and is handled by professionals to meet the requirements of earthing applications.

Marconite is a cost-effective alternative to chemical earthing and can be used in any part of a building structure. It is also safe to use, as there is nil hazardous impact when compared to chemical earthing. Due to its versatile performance, Marconite can be used in all soil conditions be it rocky soil, barren land, or sandy soil.

Some of the common uses of Marconite include:

  • Anti-static applications,
  • Power generation, transmission,
  • Defense equipment and facilities,
  • Telecommunications and media,
  • Rail, transport networks, and underground,
  • Oil and gas production,
  • Lightning arrestor earthing,
  • Distribution facilities

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