Marconite® is the world’s premium electrically conductive material, used as backfill to enhance the effects of earth electrodes. Marconite® enables electrical engineers to achieve permanent, stable and low resistance earthing solutions even in most difficult ground conditions.
Marconite® specifically developed and manufactured for electrical earthing, antistatic and electromagnetic shielding applications. Marconite® has allowed electrical engineers to tackle the toughest soil conditions and achieve satisfactory earthing solutions throughout the world.
Marconite® is carbonaceous material and unlike Bentonite, it is not a naturally occurring mineral or ore. Its distinctive properties result from a unique manufacturing process, utilizing specific raw material feedstocks, carefully selected and mixed in tightly controlled ratio before undergoing a range of manufacturing process. The end product is precisely measured which is virtually dust free and has exceptional electrical properties. Marconite® then is packaged in high strength, UV resistant valve topped poly sacks and palletized. Marconite® is the best at what it does because it is manufactured to be that way.
Marconite® concrete earth electrodes have long and proven track record. It is used for critical earthing solutions to different soils like:-
  • Hilly terrain, Rocks or Granite
  • Sand or sandy soils
  • Salty terrains or sea shores
  • Water logged areas or River beds
  • Made up grounds (Land fills)
Marconite® performs as true conductor & does not need ions or presence of water to conduct electricity i.e. movement of electrons. It does not suffer from effects of drying and performs in dry soils.
Whereas traditional earthing materials such as Bentonite / Charcoal & Salt / Chemical conducts electricity through the movements of charged ions and require the presence of water to perform.
Marconite® concrete earth electrode tested at CPRI, Bangalore for following tests:-
A) Fault Current
Conductor Dia Marconite embedding Dia & Length Current Peak
40 mm 100 mm x 3 m 80.52 kA
16 mm 80 mm x 3 m 39.66 kA

B) Earth Resistance [In a rocky soil having resistivity 468.29 ohms-m]
Conductor Dia Marconite embedding Dia & Length Current Peak
40 mm 200 mm x 3 m 55.43 ohms
16 mm 100 mm x 3 m 90.87 ohms



It is well understood that Resistance of any earth electrode is greatly influenced by the soil resistivity of the site of it’s installation.
So, soil resistivity measurement is important parameter for designing any earthing system.

Design Team

We at INTER-TECH practice this and extend design support to our customers including:-
  • Project site visit
  • Measurement of soil resistivity
  • Calculate application specific earthing solutions
  • Oversea earthing installation work

Team at project site


Marconite® granular replaces traditional sand and aggregate, used within concrete mix.
a) Manufacturer’s recommendations:- Marconite® aggregate should be mixed in the ratio of 3 parts of Marconite® to 1 part of cement by weight with the addition of 1 liter of water per 5 Kg of total mix i.e.:-
  • 3 bags x 25 = 75 Kgs of Marconite
  • 1 bag x 25 = 25 Kg of Cement
  • 20 liters of water

b) Indian conditions - As tested in CPRI, Bangalore:- Marconite® aggregate should be mixed in the ratio of 2 parts of Marconite® to 1 part of cement by weight with the addition of 0.9 liter of water per 5 Kg of total mix i.e. –
  • 4 bags x 25 = 100 Kgs of Marconite
  • 1 bag x 50 = 50 Kgs of Cement
  • 27 liters of water



Mr. Guglielmo Marconi and PMC Carbon jointly developed Marconite® in 1972 and it was displayed to the World on UK’s technology program Tomorrow’s World in 1977.
In the year 2002, James Durrans & Sons Ltd, UK bought the patent right of Marconite® and since then they are the manufacture of Marconite® through their group company Carbon International Ltd. UK.
In the year 2011 Carbon International Ltd. UK appointed Inter – Tech, New Delhi as their prime distributor of Marconite® for India.