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Frequently Asked Questions on Earthing?

What is an earth test meter? How to use it to measure the earthing of an electrical equipment?

Earth test meter is used to measure:

  • Resistivity of the earth or the soil
  • The resistance offered by an individual earth pit

Earthing of electrical equipment aims to create an equipotential surface around the equipment to safeguard the equipment in case of any electrical fault and the person operating it.

An earth test meter is used to check if the electrical equipment is at the same potential as Earth or not.

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What is Earthing Testing?

Earthing testing is a range of investigations that are performed to acess the safety of the equipment and the personal operating it. There are several methods of conducting earthing testing such as:

  • Soil Resistivity Testing
  • Continuity Testing
  • Injection Test
  • Three Point Resistance Test
  • Loop Impedance Test

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